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What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is also a premium subscription of Snapchat that allows its users to access “a collection of exclusive, testing experimental in the messaging app. It has some extra features compared to other platforms like Snapchat Plus; you can pin your best friend, easily track your friend’s location and have more we can read further. Additionally, after a premium subscription, you can enjoy some new features and their functions. The best thing is that It owns and serves eight different options that give out distinct services, Like eight planets revolving around the sun. That’s called Snapchat planet order.

Snapchat is not the only chat box app that introduced some exclusive features at some cost; recently, other platforms like WhatsApp Premium, telegram Premium also introduced some elusive features at some price.

What is Snapchat plus planet order?

Snapchat planet order is a premium subscription; Snapchat plus planet order allows you to make a circle of your friend group means if you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you are sure of your friend. Your first eight friends are planets revolving around the sun. When you chat and share snaps with your friend, Snapchat assigns the earth on the bases.

Free trial

Before a premium subscription, you avail this opportunity free within seven days. If you have enjoyed it a lot and after knowing how all the feature work, you will buy this is a plus point of being purchased.

Premium subscription

Snapchat Plus is an installment membership. Some additional Snapchat features are offered to those who purchase Snapchat Plus, and we pay a monthly fee for them; in USD, iPhone and Android are 3.99$ per month 21.99$ for six months, and 39.99$ for a year. In India, you get this membership for Rs 45 per month.

How to get a Snapchat subscription?

  • Open Snapchat and go to your Profile. You can see the two options the premium Snapchat Plus and the other is a seven-day free trial of Snapchat Plus.
  •  If you get a free trial, you choose seven days membership.
  • You select a seven-day free trial.
  • Once you have successfully subscribed, you should refresh Snapchat; you will see the Snapchat Plus features.
  • Suppose you get the premium membership of Snapchat Plus, then Tab on premium subscription and fill out all criteria. After that, you get the subscription.

Snapchat plus exclusive features

Story rewatch

If you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you see who friends rewatch your stories. Below the following steps, Tab on the Story to check the rewatch counter

  • Open the account, and swipe the screen.
  • See the eyes emoji.

After that, you will see how many others have re watched their Story.

Custom App theme

Snapchat Plus subscribers allow their users to change their custom icons. It depends on yourself how you choose your icon type. You have 40 different icons and use anyone on your home screen.

priority story reply

If you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, your message is more visible than others, so if you like someone, like a celebrity, and you follow them on Snapchat, you send notes to them; your message re visible, so you have many chances to get answers.

Ghost trail

This feature allows their users to find their friend’s location easily. If you and your friends are Snapchat plus members, and your friend sends you so you can easily find your friend’s place everywhere, they are present.

Pin best friend

You have many friends in your friend list, but you have one friend called best friend? As a Snapchat Plus member, you can pin your best friend. , your friend will show the top of the list with pinned permanently, and when you open. This is the advantage of pin the best friend forever.

Chat wallpaper

Snapchat also introduces some exclusive features; you can easily change the custom wallpaper of your friend and group chat boxes. It is a good expression of your friend’s relationship.

Friend solar system

The best feature of Snapchat, plus its spiced-up interface of Snapchat. This feature shows your friends with different planets. If you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you are the sun of your friend’s group, and your first eight friends are your planet revolving around you. The First solar system planet is Mercury; if you have one friend you talk to, send a streak daily Snapchat to the Mercury planet of your friend.

Snapchat web

This feature helps you to log in to your Snapchat id on others, like a laptop computer, and you can use Snapchat when you use it on mobile. But now, Snapchat login is just on your mobile,

Camera color border

Another new component of Snapchat+ is the capacity to set exceptionally hued borders around the camera view. You can look over a genuinely massive choice of varieties that will show up around your camera as you record accounts or snap pictures using the Snapchat camera.

Custom story expiration

Up to this point, a Snapchat story would lapse following 24 hours. Notwithstanding, Snapchat+ supporters can now set custom clocks on their accounts. Supporters can set up a watch from 60 minutes to a multi-week. This implies you can post a story on Snapchat and keep it live for up to a week.

Dark mood

The dull mode was one of the highlights that Snapchat denied its clients for quite a while. The organization has presented it with its $3.99 Snapchat membership. This is one of the most mind-blowing highlights of Snapchat In addition to. As a paid endorser, you can empower Dull Mode on the Snapchat application on Android and iOS.

Bitmoji background

As a Snapchat+ endorser, you can look over restrictive foundations for your Bitmoji that you can flaunt in your Profile!

To change your Bitmoji foundation…

  • Go to your Profile
  • Tap the foundation symbol in your 3D Bitmoji header
  • Pick an elite foundation! You’ll see a strip with a star in it on foundations selective to Snapchat+

Change snap score

As a Snapchat+ endorser, you can perceive how much a companion’s Snap score has changed since the last time you look at it.

Tap on a companion’s Snap score in their Kinship Profile to investigate

Story boost

Is another Snapchat addition feature that can be availed by paid membership. As the name recommends, this feature helps your Story for 24 hours and gets pushed to the #1 spot so that a more significant amount may see your friends. Remember, you get one Story to boost weekly with a Snapchat Plus membership.

snap score

As a Snapchat+ member, you can understand how much a companion’s Snap score has changed since the last time you look at it.

open your friend profile

Tap on a friend’s Snap score in their relationship Profile to explore

Emoji set

As a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you can set one emoji on your friend list; its advantage is that when your friend sees your snap, you automatically see the emoji in front of your friend who sees your photo. It means You have a drop of sorts after each image you send.


Snapchat Plus subscribers set custom sound notifications; you can select notification settings. It depends on how you put your notice; it is helpful because you get information about which friends who send messages snap missed calls. It’s a good thing that you open Snapchat and go to their chat box.


As a Snapchat Plus +subscriber, you also get a star badge in front of your Profile to indicate you are a member of Snapchat Plus. Other people will see your Snapchat+ badge when they visit your Profile.

Reply snap

Other Snapchat users only one time see snaps that friends send them on Snapchat. But with Snapchat Plus, you replay the photo. If you have a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you also reply to the snap and see again snap of your friend.

Chat size

Start typing with your friend to read the two arrows to the right side of the chatbox. Drag the arrow up to change the large size, and drag it down to make the text size smaller.

AI bio

Go to the AI friendship profile

tab” AI bio.”

Add a bio to generate the random biography of My AI

Tab “done” and save it

Map Appearance

Plus subscriber, you will change your custom bitmoji

Open Snapchat, Go to your Profile, Tab Snapchat Plus membership

Tap map appearance

Add a pet or car of your bijmoji

FAQS: Snapchat Plus

Differences between Snapchat and Snapchat Plus

Different between Snapchat and Snapchat Plus is that Snapchat allows its users to share pictures, post stories, and continue snap streak contact with their friends and family send locations. But Snapchat does not allow their users some new exclusive features, like seeing the badge of your friend list, setting emoji, and more.

While on the other hand, Snapchat Plus buys at some cost with new exclusive features, and most see the badge of your best friend list. So why are you waiting? Go and buy the subscription and spice the interface of your Snapchat.

What is the cost of Snapchat Plus?

some additional Snapchat features are offered to those who purchase Snapchat Plus, and we pay a monthly fee for them; in USD, iPhone and Android are 3.99$ per month 21.99$ for six months, and 39.99$ for a year. In India, you get this subscription for Rs 49 per month.

How to get a Snapchat+ subscription?

Open Snapchat, then go to your profile tab on settings; then you will see the Snapchat plus Tab on this and complete the criteria. After that, you will get a premium subscription and enjoy this.

Is Snapchat Premium the same as Snapchat+?

No Snapchat Premium allows them to make s story private and charge people to access them s plus is an official subscriber that helps their users with exclusive features.

Is Snapchat Plus available in India?

Yes, Snapchat + is available in India, and you get a subscription in Indiana within RS 45. Moreover, you can use a Snapchat Plus subscription in 25 countries at the moment

Does Snapchat Plus remove ads?

No, getting a Snapchat+ membership doesn’t offer a promotion-free experience. It is a complementary promotion plan coming later by the same token. Snapchat’s SVP of Thing, Jacob Andreou, informed The Edge that advancements will be the focal point of the association’s extended activity plan.

Snapchat plus features available for all Snapchat?

No, Snapchat Plus features are premium, and their feature is for those who purchase a Snapchat Plus subscription.

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