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Top 8 Ways to Fix YouTube Keeps Crashing on Android

YouTube is a video-sharing website that has become more important in our increasingly digital society because of its plethora of informational, instructional, and entertaining content.
But nothing is more annoying than having your go-to Android video app constantly crashing.
Constant crashes may rapidly turn your streaming experience into a pain, regardless of whether you’re trying to catch up on the newest vlogs, listen to music, or master a new skill.
Stay calm if your YouTube app keeps crashing on Android devices. This blog post is here to free you from your stress.
How to Fix YouTube Keeps Crashing on Android
Restart the app

Problems, like YouTube’s frequent crashes, are typically resolved by just closing and reopening the app.
It is helpful since it gives the app a fresh start, and restarting your smartphone restores it to its previous state. Therefore, we suggest that you try to restart the app. Just do as directed.

Select “Apps & Notifications” or “Application” from the “Settings” menu.

Launch “YouTube” by selecting it from the app menu.

Click the “Force Close” or “Force Stop” button.

Now that you’ve restarted your smartphone try opening the app again. Verify the functionality of this.
Restart the Android device.

Like the app, the YouTube app will begin functioning more optimally after a device restart. Therefore, as a further step, please restart your gadget.

Hold the “Power” button for many seconds to do this.

Select “Restart” and then confirm.

Make sure your mobile device has enough storage space.

Like all the others on your phone, the YouTube app needs some space to work effectively.

Like every other app on your phone, YouTube will act up if there isn’t enough space on your device.

It’s recommended that you leave enough free space on your device to allow the YouTube app to run smoothly. You may eliminate unwanted applications or junk files to clear up space on Android.

Alternatively, you may utilize one of the Android applications called Storage Analyzer to see which apps are using up the most space. You may uninstall unused applications and delete their associated files if you observe new applications.

Clear the YouTube Cache

Errors like “Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped” might display if the cache files have crashed. As a result, give this a go if the first two solutions could have done better. To ensure that YouTube functions correctly, I will clear its cache.

Start by selecting “Apps & Notifications”/”Applications” from the “Settings” menu.

Go ahead and choose “YouTube” from the available applications.

Select “Storage” and then “Clear Cache” to fix this.
Reinstall YouTube from Google Play.

You should remove YouTube and reinstall it from the Play Store if it continues crashing. If you do this, the program will be updated, the bugs will be fixed, and everything will return to normal. The procedure is outlined below.

You may delete the app by going to Settings > Apps > YouTube > Uninstall menu item.

Look for “YouTube” on the “Play Store” now. Select “Install” from the menu.

Reset your network’s settings.

Connectivity problems could cause apps that run on the internet to stop working. Therefore, if YouTube has suddenly stopped working on your Android smartphone, a simple solution is to reset the network settings. Your network credentials, such as Wi-Fi passwords, will be deleted.

Go to “Settings,” then “System management,” and finally, “Backup and reset” to do these actions.

Try clicking “Reset Network Settings.”

You may find this option under “System” > “Advanced” > “Reset” on specific devices.
Reset the Google Play Services

On your Android smartphone, Google Play Services may be accessed via a dedicated app. The piece of your phone establishes a connection between Google Apps and Google Services.

If the YouTube app is still crashing after this, there may be an issue with Google Play Services that requires a factory reset. Follow these steps to completely restart Android’s Google Play Services.

Select Apps from the App Store on Android.

Second, choose App Management from the Apps menu.

Locate Google Play Services and click it.

After selecting it from the App Info screen, choose Storage Usage.

Select “Manage Space” from the menu.

Clear All Data will appear on the following screen.

All done! Your Android device’s Google Play Services will be reset.
Restore This Device to Factory Defaults

A factory reset is the only option left if nothing else has worked. By doing so, you may get rid of any bugs or other incompatibilities. Unfortunately, this will wipe the information on your gadget. It would be best to create data backups before doing this. It goes like this:

To do a backup or factory reset, go to the “Settings” menu.

Choose the “Factory data reset” option and press “Reset phone.”

These are the top strategies. If you’re using Android and YouTube keeps crashing, these steps could help you fix the problem. Applying a factory reset on your smartphone might cause you to lose all your data.

Android Repair software is the best option for fixing any problem on Android, Samsung, or Xiaomi phones quickly and effectively.

Please provide any further information or recommendations for fixing YouTube’s various error messages in the space provided below.

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